Luvina Beckley-Knight’s Skills Help Improve Communities

Luvina BeckleyIt is a simple fact that Luvina Beckley-Knight, CEO of MHM and Associates, welcomes the distinct challenge of getting a grant, which she knows is a competitive pursuit. That actually makes sense, since there will always be far more applications for available than there is capital available. That is why Luvina Beckley-Knight sees grant writing as an art, not unlike the college basketball player she once was hitting a 15-foot jumper with a second to go in a championship game. And in fact, Luvina Beckley-Knight was once a key player on a college basketball team that won a championship a while back.

The leadership provided by Luvina Beckley-Knight has led M.H.M and Associates to be seen as one of the best firms in the grant-writing business. That’s because what she does for her client these organizations works. In fact, Luvina Beckley-Knight and MHM have managed to set new industry standards when it comes to accessing grants and investments. That means she has a hand in funding projects that do a many things for the community. Through projects and other targeted investment, they are able to expand the capacity of local businesses and other employers, so they can hire more, and they are also raising the skill levels of local workers to make them more hirable.

The challenge Luvina Beckley-Knight sees is to meet the significant tests that come with facing the future head on. So far, her primary business model has produced a success rate of about 77 percent and it has managed to bring in well over $100 million in grants for various projects, as well as recognition from the state of California and the federal government for their design and efficiency when it comes to improving communities.

Luvina Beckley-Knight Helps Strengthen Communities

Luvina BeckleySeveral things become crystal clear when you look closely at the background of Luvina Beckley-Knight, who is currently the CEO of MHM and Associates. However, the most important trait she evoke is her unwillingness to back away from a challenge. There are reasons for this. Luvina has always been competitively that’s obvious, given the time she spent as a prominent college basketball player who starred on a team that won a national Division III championship back in 1983.

It could very well be competitive streak that gives Luvina Beckley-Knight an edge and makes her better than most others in her profession, which involves securing grants for important projects. Since she sees that effort as being akin to the challenge of hitting a 15-foot jumper with a second to go in front of a crowd of thousands, she is well equipped for the challenge. Luvina Beckley-Knight is well aware there is always limited funding available to her clients from agencies, foundations, investors and other funders, but there is also an over-abundance of applicants for such funding.

Therefore, Luvina Beckley-Knight understands the challenge in helping applicants stand out. Making sure a grant proposal gets the money is a major challenge she actually appreciates and welcomes. After leading MHM for more than two decades, she has and she has never failed to compete with the others in her field, which means she has succeeded quite often with making lives better. In addition to her sports background, Luvina Beckley-Knight’s proven expertise is apparent in many areas, especially as regards the acquisition of funds for community revitalization activities, grants and targeted investment.

Luvina Beckley, MHM and Associates CEO

Luvina BeckleyLuvina Beckley, M.H.M and Associates CEO, brings a very high level of skill to the table whenever she is negotiating for a project designed to bring improvement to a community. She comes by a lot of that skill from her background as a prominent college basketball player on a team that won a Division III national championship back in 1983. The fact is, in any competitive pursuit, like those she engages in, she has an edge that brings her a lot more success than most. She realizes that MHM is involved in a competitive process; there is easily as much competition in going after grants as there is in college basketball, so it’s appropriate that she brings those skills to bear.

MHM and Associates is a Riverside, California-based private grant writing, consulting and management firm. And because their main job is to light a fire under local governments and many other organizations to work in partnership with appropriate funders. Luvina Beckley, MHM and Associates CEO, understands there is a finite amount of money available from agencies, foundations, investors and other funders, and there are a lot of applicants for all that money. That is a very competitive process, but she loves a challenge. Making the best possible grant proposal is a skill that not everyone has, but she and the other professionals at MHM are highly skilled at making the grant proposal appealing, which gives them an edge.

The good people at MHM and Associates, led by Luvina Beckley, also sees their mission as an important community service. Their ability to get funding for their products is often critical to improving the social, economic and environmental welfare of the constituencies in the communities in which they work.